Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A little too hard

- Ooh, no, control yourself. I went out with the gym crew today. We ran up to the downs which gave me the option of adding on an extra loop of ladies mile (about 1.75 miles extra). Unfortunately I could not resist and set off like a scolded cat. It was too much of a challenge to run the extra and try and catch them all back up on the run in (met John D coming across the Suspension Bridge - but didn't have time for a chat).

I went too fast - not in terms of the run itself - that was great. I really put in a good 9 mile tempo session but I can feel it in my quads which means I might have wrecked my chances for tomorrow's track session! But on the plus side I managed to catch all but one and I can definitely feel the power continuing to come back. I finished really strong - when I say finished, it was pretty much the last 6 and a half miles and I was really piling it on.

I'm going to try with all my might to get up tomorrow morning before work and get out for an easy twenty minute recovery - I so hope I can muster.

Thought for the day: Why the hell can't I just control myself - just once would be nice.

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