Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gee it's great to be back home

Especially when I can get up to Ashton Court for my good old Sunday run. The group has shrunk since my last run but I'm sure it's just a temporary thing - we did have a new boy though, Jerry H - and it looked like he could run!

It didn't rain and was really pretty decent running conditions - a bit soggy underfoot perhaps - but it seems like I've brought the decent weather back down with me. We did one of our standard routes through Leigh Woods and along the tow path. I put my foot to the accelerator on the last climb back into Ashton Court (round the edge of the deer park on the right from the bottom entrance) - well I guess it was more of a case of trying to push on the hill rather than the accelerator but I went up well - stop it - really strongly - much better than of recent times - all helps to keep the confidence high.

And I know you're all desperate to see Episode 14: North Of The Border, so here it is in all its techni-wobble glory.

PS, 5th place - back of the net.

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