Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Slowest time - ever

My calfs were too tight - not to mention painful - to race tonight. 18:30? If I'd really pushed I would have been lucky to break 20 minutes and I would have probably torn something - not my shorts you fool, I was thinking more calf muscles. So I decided to run it as a recovery jog instead - hopefully allowing me to train tomorrow at the track but we will have to see how things feel in the morning. I ran 23 minutes dead - a new mile stone in my running development and one that I am especially proud of - my slowest ever official 5k race time - have some.

Anyway, I actually quite enjoyed taking it extremely easy. I set off dead last but worked my way through the field a tad. At the 2k point I caught up to Harry C, who was just moving off the front of a small group. I could see he would move into no-mans land so dropped just in front to pace him along. He beat his last month's time and broke 23, so I was pleased to help.

The tinger on my cooker has just gone off (to where I do not know) so I'm off for my tea - luvly jubbly.

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