Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lucky seventeen

Well I managed to get out for that two hour run and we covered 17 miles in 2:04 - and all before work - now that's sets a new record for me. We started out slowly but were going well by the end. I picked out one of my speciality hilly routes (1850ft) - would I ever pick a flat one for a long run? - I think not. The route took in the delights of the Ashton Plantation, Lower Failand, Leigh Woods and Ashton Court.

I think he enjoyed it, we certainly worked off each other. I was struggling with my knackered quads from yesterday for most of the run but got flowing nicely for a few miles. He went well for the most but just began to struggle - well, not exactly struggle, more found it tough going - in the last few miles. It wasn't the quickest I've ever run but with each long run completed my pace is getting quicker and quicker. And once again, the last few miles saw the fastest pace at around seven minute miling.

Preparations for the marathon are going well. There are only about twelve weeks of training left but these last few weeks have really lifted my spirits. I feel confident that the dip in both my form and spirit are behind me and there is only one way I can go from here and that's down - only kidding - it's up, up and away......

Thought for the day: When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.

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