Saturday, April 11, 2020

Was not having that!

Riding in a small group, with 3 to 4km to go of the 3R Volcano climb race, 23k, I'm working hard to keep us ahead of the group behind who are catching. The other three riders were just sitting in behind for the ride. Grrrrrh. So I sat up, f#(% 'em. They then moved ahead and finally started to do some work. With a little over a kilometer to go I pushed on again on the finally tiny section of up and moved a few metres ahead. Enticing them to put in a bit of effort and come with me. They did but they definitely had to work for it, while I eased back just a little. Then they made their moves with 500m to go. All three went past but I increased my effort to match them without going all in. I was saving it up for the final blast. They moved a few metres ahead but I was holding without going into the red. Then, at 150m, I went all in... and they were destroyed - and that's what happens when you get me angry. Grrrrh.

So anyway, I wasn't intending to ride first today. I had a treadmill race planned first with the bike race to follow but a call from work meant I missed the start and so switched things around. My legs are fully knackered now but I have 90 minutes to rest up ahead of the replacement event. I'm not expecting to recovery too well, my legs are wobbly.

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