Saturday, April 04, 2020

Virtual Park Run Saturday

Another day, another trot on the treadmill. I took part in one of the Zwift virtual park runs - or run in the park as they call them so as not to step on any toes, so to speak. I went at it pretty workmanlike and upped the pace little by little throughout. I still have next to bugger all speed but I'm making small gains week by week - especially now there's sod all else to do. If I'm honest though, I could get used to being a hermit. After all this is over, in 12 months time, I might look into buying a cave in the hills...

After the run I made a start on the bike training plan. I've decided to follow the 2016 Zwift Academy plan as it's about 4 months worth of training sessions. Today's was just over the hour and didn't feel too difficult, which fitted pretty well with having already had a run. I'm sure the effort level will pick up though.

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