Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I've Gone Hilly Silly

So tonight's 5k #Zwift group run turned out to be a structured incline run. I did not read what was written on the tin before starting. Instruction was given at various points to set a certain incline on the treadmill. The incline was anywhere from zero to 7%. Once I was there in the start pen I thought what the heck, in for a penny...

My legs felt okay - for all of about 400m. After that it felt like I had lead boots on. I almost considered stopping but I'm glad I didn't. I guess going from sat on your butt all day in the office to a very limited warm-up before the off, isn't ideal preparation - there's probably a lesson in there somewhere... The further into it I got the better me legs felt. Into the final kilometre I actually slightly ignored the official instruction - the rebel I am. Keeping the pace constant, I actually went all in. Increasing beyond the 7% instructed up to 10% across the line. Felt good by the finish.

After the run I was onto the bike for a very gentle hours #HERD group ride. A very welcome low power affair - apart from the sprint section where I decide to have a blast. We hit the sprint three times during the 31km ride and I actually blasted through my 10s power record by 50W to record 710W. Other than that it was a good recovery.

Up tomorrow is peak number two, Scafell Pike. 978m @ 11% incline gives it 8.9km but I'll probably round that to 9km...

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