Friday, April 10, 2020

And A Bit More Training

After the midweek training fail I was keen to get back to it. Eight 400m reps off 200m recovery at varying pace. It was okay. I was working hard on the faster of the reps but didn't stray too far into the red before hitting the recovery. Pretty pleased it was just a blip midweek.

I gave it an hour or two before selecting a bike time trial on the Fuego Flats, 17.7km. Haven't Zwifted a time trial for a while so wasn't really sure what power I should be aiming for. Added to that, I forgot to change to a TT bike - school boy error. I wasn't the only one but those of us not on a TT bike were definitely in the minority.

Anyway, after a couple of kilometers at about 170W, I started to push myself a bit harder and edged up the power, kilometer by kilomter. By the midway point I was focused on keeping things at 190W. My legs were feeling it but I was starting to catch riders and that spurred me into keeping the effort going. I averaged about 190W on the second half - and my legs knew it - but it was good training and gave me a much higher average power than I've managed for a while.

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