Thursday, April 09, 2020

A Better Day's Training

After yesterday's total abort, hill reps that I had absolutely no energy for and knocked on the head after just 2 reps (and the warm up), I felt more energised today. Didn't want to go too long or commit to a training session this evening so I 'went' for a short, sharp Zwift race. I chose one of the newer crit races. Eight 2k laps. I set off putting in reasonable effort to see how I was feeling and slightly edged things up throughout. I certainly felt much more on it than yesterday. Couldn't believe how many category cheats there were though. I got lapped by a goodly number and the power as they went past? Well let's just say, some of them were practically A cat - verses the C cat that we were supposed to riding... I was putting out mid-C power. It'll be good to see Zwift implement the incoming anti-sandbagging system.

So finally, with four days of absolutely fuck all coming up I definitely want to be up for doing some reasonable exercise...

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