Sunday, July 08, 2018

Tour De Oz, Stage 1

It was a really enjoyable session on Zwift. With 80+ riders competing I found myself riding in several small groups through the ride. That really added to the interest. Taking the lead then following, then back in the lead, then following made it feel somehow more proper. To spice things up - in a saddo virtual way - on one of the climbs, I tried to  bring a small group 'across the gap' to the group ahead. I was working like a mountain goat and got the group close but ultimately failed... Still, it was a good training effort.

Going to head to the Malverns tomorrow, for a melt in the sun. Aiming to out and back from Hollybush to Upper Wyche and back again. At about 16k and 2,500ft ascent, it'll definitely be a run-walk affair but I need to start putting in longer stuff even if I'm not proper running. I'm totally making it up as I go but I still just can't face trying to really push it in this heat.

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