Friday, July 06, 2018

Beginning To Get On My Nerves Now...

This god damn weather is killing me. Really starting to impact training. I just couldn't contemplate a run today. Even just mooching around in the garden and I was dripping. It's utter madness. Madness I tells yer!

I did however put in a pretty useful turbo session. I did a 9k warm up and then a 27k race in my little virtual world. A three lapper around the Richmond UCI worlds route 2015. With windows open to max and fan on overdrive I was able to keep the temperature bearable.

As to the race, I totally came last but not without an exciting battle for second to last. Each lap he pissed past me on the flat and then I caught back up and overtook on the climbs at the end - until the final lap, that is, from whence he'd managed to edge just too far ahead. I got back in touching distance but once we hit the final 500m flat, I was done for.

It was a good hard session. My quads were hurting on the climbs. I'm praying for rain...

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