Monday, July 16, 2018

More On The Tour...

but I nearly didn't! I felt a bit zonked after getting home from work. Not really sure why but the drive home was oddly tiring and I decided to call it a rest day - but then I remembered if I didn't do today's stage 5 I wouldn't be able to complete the full tour of seven. I've already missed two stages due to calendar malfunctions but they are re-running the stages over two days at the end of the month so I can catch them then. Can't afford to miss any more though so I decided I'd just go through the motions to avoid missing the stage.

Anyway, it's oddly difficult to take it easy when there's a peloton drawing you in.... and so it was that easy turned into one of my most powerful rides. It was really enjoyable tonight as I sat in with several small groups along the way before really putting the power down in the final 6km. I seemed to find myself at the front of the group with no one else taking a turn so I just pumped it up and kept on pumping. I was expecting to have to ease it back but from somewhere I just seemed to be able to maintain it. Normally I cruise at 170-180W but all of a sudden I was 190-200W for that last 6km. Suffice to say I didn't hear from the group again. In all it was 37km in just over the hour.

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