Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pleased With That...

So I completed the last stage of the Zwift SIS Tour de Oz, stage 7. Taking on the 48k, 900m Three Sisters Zwift course in 1hr46. My longest 'virtual ride' to date and it was pretty hard going. I can definitely feel it in my legs.

So when I say I completed the last stage, I don't mean I've completed all the stages - yet. I missed stages 2 and 3, as I said before - at least I think I said that before, or maybe I didn't. Who knows? Anyway, I missed those two stages but there are 'make up days' available at the end of the month to ride the missed stages. Not sure how that all works but hopefully it will become clear before the day as I would like to complete the set - and get the unique virtual Tour de Oz kit for the virtual me to wear with pride.

Sad geek alert! Only read on if you are a sad geeky bastard like myself...

Had a bit of a hiccup with the Strava import. I started ridding and then switched across to the pre-ride warmup area - all in my virtual little world, of course - but somehow it recorded the last location of my warmup as the first point in the actual ride, meaning the very first point was recorded at something like 8000km/h! That seemed to upset the elevation data, introducing a funny offset. So I tried to manually correct the import file, deleted the activity and then re-imported the data. That fixed the start/offset issue but cocked up the elevation data - I do not think I ascended 3500m! So I had to delete that and re-import the original data which was luckily available from my Zwift profile - phew, I think all you sad bastards still reading, will agree. (You cannot undelete a Strava activity, which is a bit pants). All sorted in the end though, well, apart from the original offset, wrong start point issue - so not really sorted at all then - but the important thing is that all the stats look correct.

See, I said only read on if you're a sad geeky bastard.

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