Saturday, July 07, 2018

Change Of Plans

This heat is doing for my training plans so I decided on a change of tack. If I can't cope with the heat to run - and I can't, total pussy me - then I'll go for a longer, hillier walk instead. I did mingle in a little jog here and there but mainly it was a paced walk. It wasn't a route march but definitely more than just a stroll. I put in some effort...

I managed about 10miles and 2000ft of ascent in 2hr15. Can't imagine the heat those brave fools faced on Fan y Big earlier today. I'm still feeling overheated and I had a fair amount of shade.

Probably try a bit more of the same tomorrow as my legs do actually feel like they've been worked. Also want to factor in a ride as I want to Zwift the 7 stage Tour de Oz event which starts tomorrow.

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