Thursday, July 12, 2018

Finally Back To It

Yes, after doing myself in on Monday I finally felt up to getting back to training and it was a pretty solid effort on the turbo. It wasn't my most powerful but it was pretty good never the less and I'm more than glad to be back at it. Even the weather seems to be improving...

And as an added bonus, I finally got to the bottom of my 'dubious' heart monitor readings. I gave the metal connectors (where the device connects to the strap) a good clean and then, after letting dry thoroughly, gave the connectors a good shot of the old faithful WD40 - other types of 'what-ever-the-heck-WD40-does' are available. That seemed to have two results. Firstly the readings overall seemed a little lower and more importantly, seem more stable and spiking less pronounced.

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