Sunday, July 29, 2018

Furthest One To Date

Well that was a bit killer and I'm definitely heading towards empty - which is not good news as I have the final two make up stages of the Tour de Oz to complete on Monday and Tuesday.

I really drained the tank today. Probably set off a bit hard, caught up trying to keep up with the other riders around me. That was a bit of a mistake. On the plus I got a pb on the Box Hill climb and the London lap but from there each subsequent lap (4 laps in total) and climb was slower than the one before. I was really treading water on the final lap. Suffice to say my power average was well down but it was my longest ride to date at just under 70km and 840m climb, 2hr31.

I almost lost it in the final 9km section after completing the 4 laps. The route seemed to be heading back towards the Box Hill climb again. I turned the air blue with expletives, a very very dark blue. I was pretty livid, scratch that, I was full on livid, as I thought it was making me go up the climb again... Thankfully it turned before the start of the climb and headed back to the classique finish.

I am feeling so very knackered right now...

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