Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zero Leg Power

It was the 2k row and bike today. The only problem - I say the only problem, in life there is never just one problem. The only problem relating to today's session was that I had bugger all leg power. My legs felt okay. Not tight but just lacked any power once I was under way. I really didn't want to stray back over 7:50 for the 2000m but I wasn't sure where the strength was going to come from to prevent it.

As I went through the first 1000m the panel was predicting 7:54... I was not happy with that but still couldn't summon any more. As I hit 1250m I just went for it. I wasn't sure I could sustain the pace I needed - but I went for it anyway. I was absolutely dying in the last 200m but at that point it turns into a 1 minute interval. It was worth it for 7:47.7, keeping things the right side of 7:50. I finished with an hour on the bike.

If I manage another 40 days of this my thoughts will need to starting turning towards selection of the comeback race....

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