Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eight Reps Rowed

And a go on the bike to finish on day 23. I went at it more steadily tonight. I was in danger of getting carried away with it during my first few interval sessions, risking burnout. I focused - and hopefully maintained good form and just about finished the eighth as solidly as the first without much spare. The pace was 1:51/52. It gives me a good solid reference to gradually build on from without risking burnout. My heart rate hit 170 so it really wasn't too shabby a workout.

On other matters, the treadmill isn't going to arrive until next week now which is a little disappointing. If it is delayed any further I shall have no choice but to cancel and go elsewhere. Wasn't exactly the four to five day delivery advertised. At this rate fourteen to fifteen might be optimistic.

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