Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's A Ten...

Ten intervals on the rower - and I died in the last thirty seconds of the tenth interval. I managed the nine on 1:51 - I'll claim 1:51 rather than 1:51/52 as I managed most of them on 1:51 pace... Bloody hard graft but also a bloody good feeling to complete them.

I didn't think I'd feel like this when I struggled to complete five intervals just 18 days ago. To be honest, after dozens of false dawns during the last five or six years, I didn't really have much belief in myself to get this far. While we're talking of good feelings, it's been an energising time as a few weeks turns into a month. I finished with forty five on the bike.

There's no stopping me now as I head into month two of the comeback...

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