Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Coming Along Nicely...

Work on my six pack is well under way but I can see the fat is going to take a while to shift. I'm not sure my love-handles have shrunk much in this, the first month of the comeback but I'm confident the spare tyre has sprung a slow leak - and I'll not be looking to patch it!

The body stats are certainly starting to show improvement. Inaccurate as they may be they are, at least, trending in the right direction. I still have many months of hard work ahead but by god, by the summer I will be ready to return to the fell of conflict, fighting fit and ready for the battle - did you see what I did there, eh? Be afraid. You have been warned....

PS, Oops, I forgot to mention it was bike and core session tonight - wouldn't want you to think I slacked on day 30!

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