Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Building For A Bad One Tomorrow

It's likely tomorrow will be a dayus horribilis. I do not expect to be home in time for lunch, dinner or even supper. It's going to be a stinker. I go into battle not because I give a damn but because I'm a professional and I respect my colleagues. I'm certain to be grumpy as f*^% by the end of it. All in all it's certain to be top of the shittiest weeks 2013 league table.

On other matters, Phil Lucker, a mate through running, is undertaking a charity mountain bike expedition from Caernarfon (North West Wales) to Thornbury over some of the toughest trails in the UK, covering some 220 miles, climbing over 10,000m in 3 days on the 12th to 14th July 2013. It's in aid of two young sisters who suffer from dystonia and their family, and also to bring awareness to the condition and raise funds to start a support group for Families in Thornbury (and the local area) who have children with special needs. Expedition website and just giving site under construction We are looking for lots of help and support, if you are interested in helping or sponsoring please message this page. More details will follow shortly. His Facebook page for the event is here. Phil Lucker - Escape The Dragon. I'm sure he'd appreciate support and sponsorship.

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