Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gert Slush...

Didn't quite manage the Cotswolds but I did get out for a run. I had a few things to finish preparing on the work front and it took a little longer than I expected. By the time that was done it was gone twelve whence I donned my lycra, slipped into my harriers - that's Wave Harriers, not Chepstow - and exited stage left.

It was a pretty good run and I managed to keep a bit of focus for once. It was slushy out there and, with the thaw, soggy too. There were still a few icy patches left though. The harriers not affording me much grip on those bits.

It wasn't a particularly hilly route, around 300m in all, but on the few gentle climbs as there were, I managed to keep relaxed and work all the way up them. Certainly not a fast run - not sure I do fast anymore - it was never the less good to know I didn't ease off at all. About 12km in total. Finished off with an hour on the bike watching the food channel.

Later I'm off down to Chepstow for the Harriers - now that is the club, not the shoes - Awards Dinner. I've urged them to include an award for the 'athlete most in decline' but I'm not sure I've convinced them...

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