Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Actual Training? Me? Surely Not...

I managed to get across to site this morning. I awoke to another 4cm of snow this morning but it hadn't gained much of a foothold on the roads - at least not locally. The roads around site, atop the Cotswolds, were slippy but so long as you trundled along carefully it was okay.

Anyway, I finally managed to get my butt out of the warm site cabin for a lunch run. I ran north along the Fosseway for 15 minutes then turned tail and ran back again. It was icy for the most part and my studs didn't gain me much traction along the ancient Roman roadway. Despite all the slipping I ran with a decent effort and was breathing hard in the last five minutes. Not going to look how far I ran as I know the pace won't have been high. Still, I've been out and run. Hopefully I can build the momentum and get out more regularly - and maybe even extend the time of feet. It'll be better once the ice has gone. I even managed to put in an hour on the bike once I got home.

Looking forwards, I'm thinking of maybe trying to get away for a long weekend towards the end of February. Maybe pick a race somewhere north of here and tie it in with that for a weekend of training and racing. Maybe the Peak District. Have to see what races are on...

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