Sunday, January 20, 2013

Plant Plan

Time is marching ever onwards and before I get a chance to blink I'll have missed the chance to sow my seeds - sssh, stop it. I am of course talking veg. I've been busy planning what to grow and when - and the when is fast approaching being now. For the herbs in the conservatory at least. Going to try and make a better job of them this year. I think I was guilty of over watering last time.

With my plan written I've ordered in a job lot of seed from the friendly Mr Fothergill. Chilli-wise I've gone for two types. One an interesting compact variety and the other, well, that would be scotch bonnet of course. If you're gonna burn you might as well go inferno... I'm also going to try a mini variety of bell pepper. Be interesting to see how that goes.

Tomato-wise I'm growing cherry only this year. Two varieties, one a fairly common upright variety the other is an experiment of a type for planting in hanging baskets, Cherry Fall. I'll sow those a little later in the season once the weather starts improving. The rest of the veg is going in raised beds - once I've managed to build them...

Been a day of baking, oh, and jogging. Back and arms are aching from yesterday's snow clearing. Apart from that I'm good. Baking-wise, I made some ginger cookies to take into work and a cinnamon and raisin brioche, well, for me to eat.

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