Sunday, January 06, 2013

First Race Of The Year

Finally I manage to get out there and race. Not sure if orienteering can actually be classed as racing since it's more involving than merely placing one foot in front of the other as quickly as you can. And despite a 'glitch' at control two the rest of it went pretty well. I made a few slightly suspect calls on route choice but overall it was probably my most successful orienteer to date. To be fair, that doesn't necessarily make it a particularly good orienteer, just better than all the shite that's gone before - and there's been some really stinky stuff.

I got off to a good start. Control one wasn't difficult but even so I was straight on it with no deviation. Two, well, that was the squiggly bit on the track plot. There was a bloody great big new track which drew me in, and having then wasted five minutes caught up in its confusion, spat me out. From there on it all went okay, Three was a big one - fnah fnah - and maybe going over the top wasn't the best choice but it was at least a good hill rep. Four, five and six weren't too tricky and were all quite close together. Can't really remember seven and eight. Nine was okay before another significant choice. Over the top or around to ten? Again I plumped for over the top and I was happy with that,

Eleven and twelve were probably my best of the day before an acceptable thirteen, slightly iffy fourteen  and a pretty good fifteen. Sixteen was pants but luckily I followed Stotty to it. From there our paths diverged as he took the low road while I took the high road - and I got to seventeen afore he.. And that was that, job done.

At the time of my finish I was actually in the top ten at eighth spot but I don't expect to remain there for very long. Even so I'm happy not to have had my usual total disaster and best of all my foot was fine. It's still a little tender but nothing as to what it was. That's a result in my book. Right, now I'm off for a relaxing hour in front of the telly (on the exercise bike).
Ps, The last little squiggly bit on the map is me forgetting to stop the watch...

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