Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Not Exactly The Start I Had Planned

Well that's a fail on the second race on the list. This new start, this race yourself fit, is going so terribly well. Having donned my kit and packed the car well ahead of schedule I was all set to go score some big points but then the phone rang... and that was that. Like the seven dwarfs it was off to work I went. My best intentions are being dashed - and if I get my hands on the those two 'lucky' fish, grrrrh. I've a mind to go scoop those little bastards out the pond and fry 'em up with a nice chianti. Lucky? Lucky my arse.

Anyway, with the work thing sorted, I drove back home and proceeded to go out for a run through Flaxley Wood before finishing off with an hour on the bike. It was cooler out than it looked and the shard in my foot, despite thinking I might have got it out a week ago, is obviously still in there. I tweaked my foot on stone and now its stinging like it's touching a nerve. I'm thinking I might need to go seek medical attention to get it cut out with a laser scalpel or maybe just an ordinary scalpel - the laser scalpel would be way cooler though.

Anyway, that's me done for the day. Not feeling quite so grumpy now. Still grumpy, mind, just not as grumpy. So all that's left to do is roast my vegetables and cook me up some dinner...

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