Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Red Baron..

I christened the Red Baron with a batch of gluten-free coconut and orange cookies for work. Did it ever make it easier - although breaking in to the coconut was damn hard work - cue some meat-clever action. It's fair to say I could have made life easier for myself and just used dessicated coconut but I like a fifty fifty mix with the fresh grated real stuff.

They turned out okay. Just wish my oven had a turntable like a microwave. It's always hot toward the front so I have to turn the bake half way through to get an even cook. I'm sure there are baked goods you shouldn't open the oven on until they're done so I might be in trouble when I get to one of those.

Anyway, I managed a recovery run in the woods before 90 minutes high resistance bike workout. My quads were burning come the last fifteen. I was tempted to go for a 'real' ride - ooh matron - but it was just so wet out there - and I'm a right whimp! Really though, I couldn't face the hour I'd need to spend cleaning everything afterwards.

A box of 32 coconut and orange cookies

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