Monday, January 28, 2013

Still Snowed In...

Need to run a risk assessment - that's a lot of snow...

Yes, I am going for the "I'm the last person south of Worcester to have snow left" award... Bet I don't win - ooh, I'm so positive. To add to the gloom it isn't even February and the bloody valentine ads have started. Pooh.

Didn't manage any training tonight. I stuck my head in the sand and let the world go by. On a positive note I've loaded the car with the genny and light ready for the Pomphrey Hill Sports 5k - still have the urge to call it the Bridge Inn 5k but they blew us out so balls to them. I'll either be running or hitting a training session on the old route. All depends what time I escape work - if I'm early away I will train, if I'm later I will race - although race isn't really the correct turn of phrase at my current level of fitness.

On another positive note, provided I survive the Welsh 1000s and Welsh 3000s in June with the Ennerdale Horseshoe in between (provided they have not made it into a nuclear wasteland by dumping a load of spent fuel rods below that beautiful landscape - ooh, political), I shall attempt to run the entire Offa's Dyke during the Chepstow Harriers relay in July or August. It was a great weekend last year and it really lifts my spirit that it's happening again. No where near fit enough at the moment but if I pull myself together I can do it.

On a third positive note - this is getting altogether too positive, I shall have to depress things a little - my coconut and orange cookies went down a treat at work. There weren't many of the thirty two baked beauties left come home time.

And finally, on a four positive note... Nope, there's no fourth positive note so f$(% off, go on, on your bike...

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