Friday, January 04, 2013

Yep, I Need To Visit The Doc

Well I've finally determine the nature of 'the shard' stuck in my foot. It is in fact a piece of glass. It's making it's way to the surface - but I'm not sure if it's going to pop out anytime soon - ssh, no, stop it. From proding and poking - snigger - I can see it's a bit like an iceberg - the tip is clear of the surface now but the other four fifths is still under the skin and, on inspection, appears to be sort of pyramidal - and that means what's left under the surface ain't gonna fit through the tiny hole, and there in lies the problem. Hence the thinking I need to go get it cut out by a professional...

Somewhat scuppers the weekends racing. There's no way I can run on it now. Just walking isn't hugely comfortable. Guess I'll be chalking up fails three and four from 'the list'. The start to 2013 is not going well. Anyway, I've made a poultice using magnesium sulphate paste and a micro 'donut' bandage fashioned from sports tape to provide protection so I don't bash it - ooh er misses. It's going to have to be a fantastical poultice in order to draw out the foreign body stuck in my foot and I don't fancy it's chances - boo.


Anonymous said...

My wife, a retired GP, says "Go to Casualty"
I don't know what your GP is like but Casualty are equipped for that sort of thing.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Best Wishes, Graeme Churchard

The Mad Runner said...

Cheers Graham, will investigate whats what

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