Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Snow Of The Year

It was a struggle to rise from the pit this morning but I had a race to run was determined to go run it. The alarm went off - and I struck snooze - but before I had time to snooze I yanked - careful - back the sheets and got to it - stop it. One lovely strong cup of coffee later and it was like I'd never been to sleep. Buzzzzzz. I gathered my kit so I was ready and then waited - I would say did a bit of housework but that would make it sound like I spent more time at it - stop it - than I did. Anyway, before I knew it, it was time to load the van and head to the hills.

The weather seemed to be holding on the drive across and in fact it turned out to be a cracking day. I arrived in plenty of time, registered, mingled a little before warming up, getting my kit on and heading to the start.

I set off in the middle order - and stayed most of the way. I over took a few early on before we got stuck into the main climb. I always forget how much climb there actually is to Tor-y-Foel. Somehow I never give it quite the respect it deserves. It's pretty much a one climb race, that climb being about 350m from start to finish although it's probably a 100m/250m split in terms of shallow climb to steep climb.

I lost a few places on the main ascent but then got most of that back on the rougher, faster, slippery descent. I really enjoyed that bit but soon the wheels - or should that be legs - fell off. Once into the forest it became more like a road race and I was soon moving backwards through the field. Laurie pissed past like I was, well, stood taking a piss against a tree and so did half a dozen others. Do I ever need some speed. And as I lost those places there was a gentle flurry of snow - read a few flakes. The first snow of winter - well, for me at least.

Anyway, with one final rough, slippery bit before the finish, it was soon all a distant memory. It won't have been my best result ever but it's the first time in a while that I tried hard enough to get the bloody taste in the back of your throat. Happy with that. I also notched up what I think is my highest VAM score on Strava (what ever the hell that is! The VAM bit not Strava).

Anyway, that's me almost done. All's left to do is decide whether to cook the more involved and ever so slightly tastier chicken & cashew nut or go the potato & leek soup route. Why has life so many difficult decisions?

Today's Tor-y-Foel route;
7.2km with 350m ascent...

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