Saturday, February 02, 2013

Walking Dead

Oh god that was a long day. Thursday was somewhat of an anticlimax - albeit a twelve and a half hour one. Suffice to say there wasn't any training action going on by the time I got home just gone nine. Friday was worse weighing in at fifteen and a half hours, eventually making it home at gone midnight having arrived at site bright and early at half seven. We did at least have a measure of success and by the time the success arrived the pressure that had kept me going through the day - and the night - dissolved as a wave of tiredness hit me on the drive home.

Not sure what I'm going to manage today because right now, I'm hanging. This week has been a write-off. I think I'm going to rest today and then, depending on how I feel tomorrow, either attempt the Monmouth cross country - although I really don't feel like racing at the moment - or more likely a bimble through the forest. I really need to start getting some training done. I've only got four months to get myself back to some sort of fitness for the Welsh 1000s. The clock is well and truly past merely ticking...

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