Friday, February 15, 2013

That One's Going On The List...

My top recipes list. Tuna Mornay Crêpes. They were flippin' lush. Have to say I pimped 'em up a little bit. Topped them with grated cheese and lobbed them in the oven for fifteen minutes till golden and crispy. Gert lush - but I ate a bit too much. It was just as well I got out for ten this evening.

I've two routes planned for tomorrow - and neither will be the Pen Tir Drop race. With the orienteering Sunday I can't afford to lose a long run this weekend. I desperately need to start cranking things up. Option one is the Malverns out and back from the holly bush. Option two is spectating the Pen Tir race by running a long run to coincide with the race - haven't got a route picked out for that one yet though.

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