Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is It Friday?

Well, is it? It's been a brain draining couple of weeks. I'm to the point where I have to think real hard what day it is. It is Friday, isn't it?

I'm a little disappointed my double race weekend isn't going to happen. On checking the final details of the Sallowvallets Western Night League score event I've realised I've had a bit of a diary malfunction - it ain't even this Saturday, it's next week. What a nob. To be fair I did add the event to the diary way back in September time and I've a feeling I was looking at the pre-finalised fixture list. I'm just bloody glad I checked 'cause I'd have been mighty displeased to have turned up a week early. I've been an hour late. I've been a day late but come on, a whole week early? Now that would have taken school boy error to a whole new level. Thank god I checked. Got to find myself something else to do tomorrow...

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