Sunday, February 03, 2013

It's Been A Long Week

Now I know there are a few hours left so it could still go wrong but with only one call-out the weekend was better than I expected. Could have done without the 5:30am wake up call this morning though. I won't grumble. It's part of the job once it gets to the sharp end. If the next two weeks go the same way the sum of all my fears might not reach too high a total. Mind you, I haven't really caught up on the sleep. I am fading fast this evening.

Training was poor. A run almost not worthy of calling training. I'm going to try and plan a long-ish run on the Cotswolds next week in a long lunch. Going to program up a route, load the GPS and then be ready to rumble when I get a break. The downside is that I will be a stinky bastard for the rest of that day - shut it, that isn't the norm - site lacking the luxury of shower facilities and the like.

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