Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's To Cook?

Why pancakes of course. Now I was going to go all savoury and fancy... but in the end I thought balls to that and went with the classic lemon and sugar...

I used Michel's recipe - yes, we are on first name terms - from the my new Eggs book - and yes, a whole cookery book just about eggs! To be fair the pancake recipe - or crepe as I like to call it even though I can't type them funny foreign 'e' jobbers - is a pretty standard affair. It's all in the cooking anyway and I managed to create some pretty decent thin, almost see-through, ones. Can't say it was the most healthy dinner I've ever cooked but it was tasty. Have some of the mix left over so maybe I'll try some savoury ones tomorrow.

Managed a short run today but my legs are still aching. Mostly in the calves now. The quads seem better and the arms don't ache at all. Finished off with an hour on the bike. And that's a wrap.

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