Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Bit Of A Run

But nothing special. Finished off with a go on the bike. Really need to start adding some quality. Oh well.

On more important matters, I'm all set to sow my seed - ooh matron - not that seed you rude devils. I am, of course, talking rosemary, thyme and sarah, uhh, I mean sage amongst other. Yes, my Mr Fothergill's order has arrived. I've readied the new shelving in the conservatory, prepped the compost and grit. Pretty much all good to go.

Heading to Chepstow training tomorrow, all being well. Haven't a clue were Itton or Shirenewton is but I guess I'll find out tomorrow. There, I've said it, got to go train now [crosses fingers work doesn't go pete tong]

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