Monday, February 18, 2013

Heck The Pegs Feel Sore

Despite the pain I actually feel pretty good. Good in that I feel I actually had a good a weekend of training. True, walking is painful but I'd rather feel the pain of walking than feel the pain of regret for not having run some decent mileage... I was starting to worry that the mountain I'd set for myself was too high to climb but now I feel confident I can get myself in shape for June. There's going to be no room for complacency mind but I feel my Welsh 1000s and Vegan Welsh 3000s dream is now at least achievable.

By right's I'm no where near fit enough to have run the black mountains route on Saturday having struggled at the Dursley Dozen the week before so it's comforting to know when I have to dig deep I still can. Really looking forward to more mountain running in the coming months. To avoid the curse of work I'm going to book up some long weekends for April and May and then bloody well stick to them. Be good to head to Snowdonia at least a couple of times before the big days.

Been a bit serious tonight, darn it, can't be setting a precedent...

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