Thursday, February 07, 2013

Change Of Plan

I've been taking my kit to work on the off chance for a few weeks. Now I was intending to head to Chepstow tonight but in this game you takes your chances when you gets 'em. A window of opportunity presented itself - and I grabbed it. And so it was I headed out on a lunch run along the Fosse Way. Out and back, inspiring it wasn't. Training it was. I reckon it was about six miles total so not quite as far as what would have been tonight's session but far enough.

I headed out fast, well, relatively fast, okay slow - but it felt fast. By the turn I was blowing, that bloody taste at the back of my throat. Felt good though. I turned tail and eased it down for the return journey. Going to try and repeat the session tomorrow...

I finished off tonight with an hour on the bike. Finally a day with a bit of quality-ish training.

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