Friday, August 31, 2012

Balmy Evening Run

Balmy is a funny word, read it in a sentence, move on and it isn't a problem. Re-read it a few times and it starts sounding funny. Almost becoming difficult to pronounce correctly...

Anyway, it was a horrendous commute home tonight. The nobbers were out in full force. No accidents. Just nobbers. The traffic was heavy on the M5 for sure but it was all those toss-pots who cruise up the outside lane and then cut across everything at the last minute to take their exit. That's what really buggers it all up. I think the solution is helicopter gun ships to take them out of play - permanently. I will accept that is perhaps harsh - but, I think we can all agree, fair...  By the time I eventually got past the M4 junction I would've normally been almost home! From there normality resumed and I eventually arrived home about half an hour later than normal.

Fortunately, I wasn't for being put off and after feeding the ever demanding Squeaker, I kitted up and headed out. It was a really pleasant evening. Cool with a hint of rain in the air but it didn't come to anything. Route-wise I went with the clockwise Hobbs with an extra bit. Once under way I can't say I really took in much of the pleasant evening because I was focused on the running. It would probably have been a very nice night for a walk over May Hill. Anyhow, I set off in determined mood and pretty much maximised my effort all the way. I eased off as I re-entered the village as headed home.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. With the Long Mynd up Sunday I really can't afford to run anything major - but equally I really don't want to waste a days training. Perhaps I'll go for seven or eight miles. That can't hurt, can it?...

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