Saturday, August 25, 2012

Braved It

and got away with it. In fact conditions, apart from a ten minute down pour, where good. The sun popped out now and again. All in all it was another triumph - but not for the weather forecasters. Once again they weren't exactly on the money. I'm actually a little disappointed I didn't go to the mountains after all. To be fair the though, it probably wasn't good over there. The skies to the west did look dark and foreboding..

Anyway, I managed to navigate my way round the Forest over Staunton way. It was a mix of forestry paths and slippery, muddy ones. I covered the 14 miles in a not so quick two hours and thirty minutes. Defending that performance there was around 2,500 feet of ascent to factor in - oh, and did I mention it was slippery out there. Still, it's another run under the belt. Need to get back out there tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get to the mountains?

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