Wednesday, August 01, 2012

That Wasn't Cricket

It's been a good weather day today - good weather, that is, until one pulls up onto the driveway. Then, of course, the heavens open. I was so concerned I nipped into the shed to start work on the ark. It absolutely chucked it down - and I bottled it. I was up for the run before the cloud burst but that definitely burst my bubble. I gave it half an hour but it didn't seem close to stopping so I resorted to an hour on the bike. I'm disappointed in myself for not being strong enough. I should have headed out into the wet - but in my defense it really was hammering down.

Anyway, it was a good solid bike session. I cranked up the resistance and really got a sweat on. Not quite a run but it did get the blood pumping and the legs wobbly come the end. Hopefully the lunch run will happen tomorrow and with it the Dundry loop... Will I have enough power to get over the top?...

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