Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh So Humid

As an update to my earlier post. I did manage the run. Couldn't wait for the evening so I went out late afternoon. To say it was very humid would be an understatement. Despite the route only being 5k it has a hill worth 400ft and by the time I got up there and into the quarry I was dripping. It was like running through the Burmese jungle.

Despite having to sit outside for half an hour to cool down and stop dripping before I could enter the house it was a run worth running. My legs felt OK. The earlier bike session having got the blood circulating.

It's been a good weekends training and now it's six thirty on a Sunday afternoon, work doesn't start for thirteen hours so it's time to chill - except it really isn't very chilly and I've not got air con - although I do have Con Air - but that's not going to help with the temperature...

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