Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is Boding Well

NOT. Looks like the bloody forecasters might have actually gotten it right for once. Tomorrow's long mountain run might have to be curtailed somewhat. I really need to get out there and run in the hills but... well, if the mountain forecast unfolds to be anywhere near its predicted heavy rain and thunder then I ain't going. I need a long run where I actually manage to run some of it not a slow trudge in tricky conditions.

No, me thinks I shall have to get out somewhere in the forest. Maybe there's a chance I could go run the Malvern Hills from Holly Bush but even there I'll be pretty exposed to the conditions. At least in the forest I can try and route myself out of the worst of it. I just hope I can be tough enough on myself to get out and run come what may - because I really really need to keep the momentum building.

As to tonight it was another case of almost but not quite. Today at work went pretty well - mind you, I managed to shut down the works at 2 o'clock - doh - but TT got things re-started promptly, putting the water back into supply.

During the drive home things looked promising but by the time I got home it was p!$$ing down. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear thunder - and it still might. So instead of a pleasant run it was back to the bike and then a row. And as the rain decided to pour I hope it keeps on coming and then maybe it'll all be gone by tomorrow - forever hopeful...

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