Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy With That

Not the weather - it was rubbish. The run. Really pleased how good I felt throughout. It's true we weren't running for our lives - that's Pat and I - but we had a reasonable pace. At least I thought it was reasonable... In reality it was probably a piss poor pace - trying saying that after a few drinks - but to me  it was half decent. The one thing you can bet on though, is that had it not been a pre-arranged run I'm sure I wouldn't have gone. In fact, I'm pretty sure any sort of run would've have been unlikely in all this rain. In reality it was good out there. The rain didn't detract from things much. Barely noticed it really. The wind picked up here and there, especially on the tops, but again it didn't really bother us much. All in all it was a very pleasing run.

We set out form the Blaen y Glyn car park at half past nine just as a fellow runner headed out for the reverse of our intended route. 'See you on Pen y Fan', he said - and we did!

As to the run, we ran the flat and downhill - duh, obviously. We ran into the climbs to the point where the steepness made it no sense to carry on running and then we kicked off back to running as soon as things flattened out a little. I think I ran about as much as I normally would on such a run. In fact, having company probably cajoled me into running sooner than I normally would have and that's a good thing - I'm a right lazy bastard I am.

Anyway, the run took us a little over two hours for the ten and a half mile route with 2,500-3,000 feet of ascent over South Wales' highest summits (did I get the apostrophe correct?). My legs don't feel at all wrecked. In fact we were able to run on solidly on the final ridge. Which might indicate the ease of pace throughout the run or maybe it indicates that I'm getting nearer to being fit. I'm hoping it's the later...

Today's 10.5 miles with 2,500-3,000 feet of ascent

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