Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recovery Day

My legs definitely know they saw action yesterday. Despite it being slow it was obviously a good work out so today is one of recovery.

I put in an hour on the bike this morning, putting off the decision of whether to ease myself around the Hobbs Quarry Loop until later in the day. As of a few hours ago I'm now booked up for a run in the mountains tomorrow with Pat W so that's the decision made on whether to go a run later or not - the not wins. Therefore, saving my legs for tomorrow, I donned the waders and headed into the brook for the Autumn clear out - I do like a good clear out - ssh, no, stop it.

The brambles have really taken hold and there's this voracious ivy type plant that's hungry to send out it's evil tendrils to ensnare and drain the life from all the other plants. Set on world domination they needed to be stopped. Armed with my new sickle I hacked and slashed my way through the dense undergrowth. Nettles be gone - my hand are throbbing from the formic acid. The brambles were harder work but no match for the razor sharp steel. Ninety minutes later I was through. The brook clear for another winter. The battle will resume in the spring. Score one for the home team... and it was actually quite a good upper body workout into the bargain.

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