Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vax Amazing

I've been hammering the old Vax today. When I say old Vax, what I really mean is new Vax. It's working good - it's just some carpets can't be raised from the dead no matter water you hit 'em with. The upstairs is now clean and good to go. As too, the lounge. It's really just the kitchen to empty down - and to be fair most of that is done. All on target to meet my end of the week self imposed deadline and then this place is out to let.

My back is aching but I managed to hop aboard the bike for an hour in front of the iPlayer - no telly, just the iPlayer. The old Virgin Broadband has been a faithful friend for years, but alas she must go. I will be excommunicating her by the end of the week.

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