Wednesday, September 01, 2010

And A Fourth...

Just kidding. There's no race today. After straight days of it, today is strictly feet up. To be fair my legs feel much better today than they did before and after the race yesterday. I almost feel I could have managed a fourth... No, let the body rest.

I've been controlled on the diet front as well - although it's been touch and go this evening. A late lunch has left me feeling hungry at all the wrong times and the bag of crisps in the kitchen is calling my name - I have twice stroked its sweet curves but so far I have resisted. That resistance is partly down to keeping a food log. It's a huge focus and helps to prove that when you've eaten enough calories... then you have eaten enough. Simple as that and is real quick and easy to use. I should add that I'm keeping grounded. I shan't be over egging things and becoming obsessed, just controlled and with that care and control I will attain my old racing weight in a couple of weeks.

And you know what? I feel a bike session coming on...

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