Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Remember

Why I like May Hill. The views on a day like this are Fantastic - and that's with a capital F. Back on my old stomping ground - quite appropriate because I was stomping like a good un. There wasn't a hint of running to be seen - not, at least, when looking in my direction. I didn't seem to be able to run today. Nothing felt comfortable and the up hill sections felt especially hard work - all 1,500 feet of it. One has to ask the question, with such great views and lovely sunshine does it really matter? Course it flippin' does but I'll let it slide just this once.

Anyway, I covered just over seven miles in the gorgeous sunshine. More moving stuff to be done tomorrow and then almost certainly another slack training week as I finish off the house tidying. Need to make sure I get out once or twice though just to keep me primed for the Black Mountains Race on Saturday.

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