Monday, September 20, 2010

Energy Requirement

Did you know that an electrical device rated at just one watt - pardon? What? - as I was saying, rated at just one watt, if left on all year round, will cost you towards £1. It's not immediately obvious and singularly it's not a lot but do the math and the waste comes to light - and you can turn that off for a start or at least replace it with a low energy version. Seriously though, that TV on standby, aah come on, it's only five watts - yes, but that five watts is costing you a fiver if left on 24/7 - or to put it another way, that's a fish and chip supper with a bottle of pop. And then there's the microwave. Do you really to leave it on 24/7? Do you ever use it's clock - and don't lie. Well, that's another five watts. So far, we've saved a tenner. It's amazing how much the little things - stop it - add up to. I've got myself a CurrentCost Envi to start monitoring my energy use as an experiment to see how much I can save. I'm pretty good as it stands but I'm sure I've room for improvement.

None of which has anything to do with running or exercise but just thought I'd mention my crusade. Tonight I was back on the bike for an hour. Didn't feel like pounding the streets - been a bit of that lately - the 'not feeling like it' bit. Still, there's always tomorrow...

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