Friday, September 24, 2010

The Mountains Approach

And they're pretty big ones. Not the biggest, mind, but still pretty big and I'm looking forward to it. The forecast doesn't look great though - there's a little too much sun for my liking. I want it claggy and cloudy, the more mist the better so I can get a bit of advantage over those less familiar with the Black Mountains. Still, can't have everything.

Tonight I eat, and eat to win - just kidding. I'll be happy to come somewhere near the middle. Either way it's a bloody good excuse to be able to eat like a greedy bastard - gert lush.

I'm going to get off for an early night as it's been a tiring week - and a bit stressful - but it's calming down now. The mortgage completed today and 99% of my kit from Bristol is moved up here. I've instructed the agent to go find me a tenant and I've notified nearly everyone official of my change of address. Going to put my feet up after the race.

And now, it's time to eat...

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